Gelios-1 Ltd is the leader in agricultural processing in southern Ukraine. We own and manage over 6,000 hectares of prime irrigated land in the Kherson Region on which we cultivate soybeans, onions, cabbage, lentils, peppers and other produce. We are also one of the largest suppliers of pickled vegetables to Ukraine and Russia.

Gelios-1 is known to be a trusted business partner in Ukraine and Europe with a reputation for high quality standards and excellent client care. We are always open and seeking new business opportunities with produce importers, traders, retailers and wholesalers around the globe. The company is located near Eastern Europe’s largest sea port and our logistics department will work with you to obtain all necessary documentation needed for import.

Our clients will vouch for our commitment to excellence. To contact us directly please visit the Contact Us page or email us at info@Gelios-1.com